What Causes Autism? A Brief Response.

What Causes Autism? A Brief Response.

There are very few responses to this question that can be backed by scientific evidence and there is a great deal of speculation discussed within scientific and social communities. Autism doe not discriminate and affects people all over the planet.

I read environmental news daily regarding environmental toxins and the potential relationships to the cause of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Students at the University where I teach often ask me what do I believe the etiology is… very difficult question to respond to.

Etiology, the cause or origin responsible for changes in typical development or health, is not as important to me as helping people who are living with a person with ASD. I believe that science will eventually solve many questions related to the etiology of ASD.

However, I cannot pass up this opportunity to share my personal belief regarding etiology…the toxic environment and toxic food chain may be responsible for some form of genetic change and adverse behavior observed in many people with autism. Man made toxins in the form of product may also be responsible for many of the serious conditions and diseases world populations suffer.  

Eat healthy. Eat clean. Many parents report desired changes in behavior with changes in diet and nutrition. Like many other interventions, dietary changes may show improvements in some people and not in others. There is no one size fits all treatment. If this type of treatment interests you I suggest you consult your physician who can refer you to a specialist and put you in touch with current research and practices.

However, it cannot hurt to offer your child and family choices that are free from manufactured toxins, preservatives and other so called protective and preservative additives to food. Try to be mindful of what you put into your body, what types of chemicals your household cleaning products contain, and what your furnishings and clothing are made of and coated with. 

So there you have it…my personal rant, and pet peeve for today.

About Mary

Hi! I have been providing services for children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ages 3 through age 27, for twenty years. I also teach teachers and other professionals strategies and interventions to improve and develop communication skills, social understanding skills, and replacement of stereotypical behaviors. I try to create an awareness and empathic response with professionals working with families and caregivers living with the unique differences and challenges of ASD. My other goals include educating the public about ASD. ASD is a label that provides a common ground for discussing treatment, strategies, and other interventions to help the child or person. The label is not the child and vice-versa. Over the years I have observed many children develop communication skills, experience social success, and decrease and change stereotypical behavior into productivity. The children I work with are unique and wonderous. Like you and I they have specific interests and strengths that are valuable assets to their Quality of Life.
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