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Hi! I have been providing services for children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ages 3 through age 27, for twenty years. I also teach teachers and other professionals strategies and interventions to improve and develop communication skills, social understanding skills, and replacement of stereotypical behaviors. I try to create an awareness and empathic response with professionals working with families and caregivers living with the unique differences and challenges of ASD. My other goals include educating the public about ASD. ASD is a label that provides a common ground for discussing treatment, strategies, and other interventions to help the child or person. The label is not the child and vice-versa. Over the years I have observed many children develop communication skills, experience social success, and decrease and change stereotypical behavior into productivity. The children I work with are unique and wonderous. Like you and I they have specific interests and strengths that are valuable assets to their Quality of Life.

Does the Creating and Implementing Visual Supports Feel Overwhelming?

Hi Amanda,  You asked me a question several weeks ago in class…do I feel overwhelmed with all the visual supports and communication interventions? In retrospect, I feel you are entitled to a more thorough response. I used to feel overwhelmed, … Continue reading

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What Does it feel Like to Hear a Diagnosis of ASD for the First Time?

Diagnosis – What does it feel like to hear a diagnosis of ASD for the very first time? I cannot say for sure I can only speculate that a parent hearing the diagnosis of an ASD for the first time … Continue reading

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Are you locked into “Social Expectations” when you are in public with you child?

Do you own a suitcase filled with the “Shoulds”when it comes to being in public with your child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder? The shoulds are a large external family of social dictators that tend to rule internal social expectations. The should … Continue reading

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Curses foiled again! What is the cursing all about?

Carla curses and cusses using long rap like repetitive sentences. The volume of her voice becomes louder as the seconds tick on. When we ask her to stop or tell her to be quiet she cries and grumbles and keeps on … Continue reading

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What Resources Are Available for Minority Children With Autism

What resources are available for minority children with autism? Services vary from State to State. Federal guidelines state that all children are entitled to a Free and Appropriate Public Education. When the child reaches the age to enter school this … Continue reading

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How to Use Scripts for Children With Autism

How to use scripts with children with autism is contingent on a several factors. The first being consideration of the child’s cognitive abilities, particularly reading with comprehension.  Many children with autism are “word” callers…they can read very advanced text but … Continue reading

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What Causes Autism? A Brief Response.

What Causes Autism? A Brief Response. There are very few responses to this question that can be backed by scientific evidence and there is a great deal of speculation discussed within scientific and social communities. Autism doe not discriminate and … Continue reading

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Is What You Want, What You Get at MacDonald’s Today?

I worked with a student for many years. His favorite verbal expression when he became uspset or distressed was to sing this jingle to me, “what you want is what you get at MacDonald’s today” This was expressed at a … Continue reading

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How Do I Cope with My Stress 24-7?

It is very common for parents and guardians to experience high stress levels related to caring for their child. Often days and nights may seem never ending running one into another. Stress and fatigue can make for an emotionally toxic … Continue reading

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What type of Educational Setting Should I consider for My Child?

I experienced unusual feelings today while participating in an Individualized Educational Planning Team (IEPT) meeting. The parent was becoming frustrated. She wanted services for her child that were going to be soon cut off by public funding.  There was no … Continue reading

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